Our Mission

The Marjot Foundation supports environmental research at the high school level. Each year we fund individuals or teams of high school students to conduct an environmental field or laboratory research project. Projects may focus on any area of environmental research, and must be designed by the student applicant. Students must write an independent proposal detailing their research goals to be carried out over a one-year period in order to apply for a Marjot Foundation grant.

Funding from the Marjot Foundation is very competitive. Preference for awards will be given to students from public high schools, although students from private schools may also apply and will be considered.

Since 1998, over one hundred high schools students from New England and New York have benefitted from awards from the Marjot Foundation. Marjot scholars have been awarded national sciences honors and have gone on to top colleges such as MIT, Brown, Bowdoin, and Amherst to further their scientific education.

Marjot Foundation Grants

The Marjot Foundation awards grants totaling $5000. The recipient(s) will directly receive $1000, and $2500 will be allotted to cover the costs of the research project. An additional $1000 will be given to the mentor, and the school's science department will receive $500. Five grants were awarded for the 2018-2019 school year. Marjot has been and will continue to be totally funded by private contributions from individuals and from corporations. We are a 501c3 entity based in the Commonwealth of Masschusetts.

Application Requirements

The Marjot Foundation seeks applications for a April 20, 2020 deadline. Students in grades 8-11 from schools in New England and New York are welcome to apply. Students must write grant proposals on environmentally related research they will carry out over a one year period. The application also consists of a budget proposal and a letter of recommendation from a chosen mentor.

In addition to the application, all students are expected to meet the following criteria:

  1. Participate in a state science fair during the course of their project;

  2. Submit a mid year report to the trustees of the Marjot Foundation summarizing their accomplishments to date; and

  3. Have a mentor who will assist the student with his/her research. The mentor may be at a high school, a college or university, at independent laboratory or a state/federal agency.